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model with gold eyeshadow

Davenda is definitely one of the most professional, accommodating, and considerate makeup artists I've met so far. I adore her artistry. 

Lead artist and owner Davenda has been doing my makeup for a few years now. She is extremely professional and a great listener. 

Samantha - BMG Models1638.HEIC

One word, AMAZING! If you haven't had the opportunity to experience getting your makeup done by my lovely talented friend Davenda then you're definitely missing out. She has done my makeup on multiple occasions and each time was superb. She is knowledgeable and creative and can give you exactly what it is that you're requesting. It was so relaxing and just outright fun! I honestly can't wait to get back into her chair. So do yourself a favor and book D!

Davenda has been doing my makeup for almost a year now and I cannot get over how she makes me look amazing every single time! She has done everything from a night-out look on me to a very natural look for daytime. I get so many compliments when I have my makeup done by her (including complete strangers!) and my face always looks flawless in pictures. She has even done my Mom's makeup! Not to mention I just love gabbing with her when she is doing my makeup, she is so sweet & fun! Definitely check out Davenda, you will not be sorry!

She was on time and ready to go. She educated me through the whole process and in the end, I was transformed! I was soooo impressed!! I had a photoshoot in the heat and my makeup lasted the whole time plus through the night. I can't wait to have another event/photoshoot so I can get beautified by Dee.

I believe what stood out about Davenda was their professionalism and the ability to apply the correct makeup based on skin tone. She did an amazing job to the point where some people thought I was a model.

Davenda is one of the best makeup artists I've ever worked with! I used her for my wedding and bridal party. Everyone loved their look and the makeup lasted well until the end of the night. I HIGHLY recommend her services. I truly felt like a princess the entire day :)

I did my bridal trial with Davenda and the most important thing to me was to not end the night looking like a grease ball. Luckily, the day of my trial was also the day of my bridal shower and engagement pictures so I was able to put my makeup through a real test. My makeup lasted ALL DAY! The photographer saw me about 7 hours after it was first done and he made a comment about how great my makeup looked. Everyone loved it. My fiancé loved it. I loved it. I'm very happy with my results. She did exactly what I asked, natural and glowy. I am looking forward to working with her on my wedding day. Thank you, Davenda!

"Dee is so, so, so talented and so incredibly wonderful! I asked her to make me look like Taylor Swift (cat eye and all) and have never been happier with my makeup. Compliments all night! Can't wait to see her again

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