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revive your makeup routine

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Is the foundation/concealer combo that you've been wearing for months looking a little off?

Is that blush that use to give you the perfect pop of color, not warming your face the same?

Is that lipstick you swore by not working anymore?

When the sun stops shining as bright and the weather gets colder, your skin can react in crazy ways. The skin tone usually gets lighter, undertones can switch, and your skin type may change. If you are realizing that your makeup routine is no longer satisfying, just know that you are not alone.

Even as a makeup artist I sometimes get caught off guard by how quickly my skin can switch up on me and before I realize it I’m stuck using makeup that doesn’t look as good as usual. I’ve learned that the best thing I can do is use it as an excuse to take a trip to Sephora for some makeup therapy;)

The last time I went to pick up some new makeup, I noticed how many people were there shopping, looking so lost and confused. One lady shared with me that she had finally decided to treat herself to new makeup but once inside she was overwhelmed by the thousands of products all promising to make her beautiful, salespeople pushing her to decide, and 50 other women trying to figure it out just like her.

I suggested that she first take a makeup class with a makeup artist who could show her what she needed to buy and how to use it before wasting any more money. She looked surprised at first and then smiled and said in her 52 years of life she had never got that advice at a makeup store.

I went home determined to create something that would help that lovely lady & anyone who needs to Revive Their Makeup. ‘Revive Your Makeup Routine’ Lesson is my solution to all your makeup frustrations. I believe that everyone has the potential to do their own makeup and do it well, but it requires cutting out techniques and products that don’t work for your face. During the 2-hour private lesson, I will uncover what isn’t working in your makeup routine, and guide you into creating a refreshed new makeup look for 2020.

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