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Master Your Makeup classes take you on a transformative journey where your passion for beauty is combined with learning and creativity. Each class is an immersive and enlightening experience,

crafted by Davenda, a seasoned makeup artist with 13 years of expertise.

Whether you’re beginning your makeup journey or looking to upgrade your skills, we provide a tailored environment that caters to your individual needs.

At Paint Gal makeup classes, you’re not just an audience member; you’re an engaged participant, practicing new techniques, asking questions, and enjoying the artistry of makeup.



Experience a world where your makeup routine is not a task but a pleasure. Join us for the

Master Your Makeup class

led by Paint Gal Makeup Artist, Davenda.


In this 3-hour group class, learn to create a personalized makeup routine, understand your skin type, and apply makeup that enhances your natural beauty.


Bring your own makeup or purchase a customized kit. The class price includes a professional brush set.

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